Sharp Teller Machines

Sharp BE-2520

The BE-2520 Electronic Audit Machine simplifies and tracks your complicated financial transactions. The built-in CPU and LSI circuitry assures reliability and enhances the productivity of your operation. To meet your specific requirements, a variety of functions, such as check buffer with a warning & lock out point, compulsory account'number entry, and a sentinel amount, may be programmed in the BE-2520. The dot-matrix printer allows you to set codes of up to four characters. In case of a power failure, the built-in memory protection system retains all of your important data. With a compact design and a wide range of high performance features, the BE-2520 may be your answer to a more efficient operation.


  • Dot-matrix printer permits 4-character settings for BANK ID and other code settings (2-character) for departments.
  • Selection allowing an account number to be held through multiple transactions.
  • Eight categories of transaction daily totals.
  • BATCH TOTALS (8 categories) called out as a group or individually.
  • Totals indicate transaction counts as well as dollar amount.
  • Validation printing
  • Time clock with selectable print formats

Sharp BE-2520

Sharp BE-2530 Teller Machine

The BE-2530 is identical to the BE-2520 with the addition of the following features:

IRS Cash Transactions

This feature allows you to enter high and low amount values into the BE-2530 for easy IRS cash transaction reporting. Reports generated by this function list transactions that exceed the upper and lower IRS cut-off points. The report also includes the account number, amount, and transactions for the date of the report.

Time Management Reports

The BE-2530 supports selection of up to 12 programmable time periods that provide transaction activity: tansaction time, total number of transactions, average transaction time, total transaction items and the number of entries for each transaction item.

Three Item Buffers

To make it easier to print a list of select transactions that have been processed at one station, the BE-2530 has the capability to store 3 lists of up to 150 items each. These lists can then easily be recalled from the memory and printed out.

Sharp BE-2530 Teller Machine