Semi-Auto Paper Cutters

Triumph 4315 Semi-Automatic Cutter

The Triumph 4315 paper cutter is an electric, semi-automatic paper cutter, which includes the German manufactured Solingen steel blades and a steel blade carrier. This MBM paper cutter offers the new digital display measurement to ensure the exact position of the back gauge. The paper cutter also has a second measuring scale on the side guides. Accuracy is guaranteed with the new LED optical cutting line, which displays exactly where your cut will be accurately made on your paper stock.

Using the spindle handle on the front of the cutter, you can easily reposition the back gauge to any measurement you prefer. Once you have positioned the paper, simply throw the lever on the fast action clamp to tightly secure the paper stock. This MBM Triumph paper cutter, featuring electric blade drive, is able to cut up to 1-1/2 inches of paper at a time. This Triumph cutter assures automatic blade return regardless of its position and disc break to instantly stop the knife from cutting any further.

Comprehensive Safety Cutting System features are provided, including two hinged safety covers positioned on the front and rear table, which are controlled and locked electronically. Unlike the manual operated cutters, the Triumph 4315 has electronically controlled, two-hand operation. By simply pushing two buttons located on either side of the front of the cutter, the cut is safely and properly executed. This MBM cutter is portable, can be used with the optional cutter stand or cabinet, and is reliable for many cutting jobs.

Triumph 4315

Triumph 4810 D Semi_Automatic Cutter

The semi-automatic Triumph 4810 D paper cutter has electronically controlled blade drive and true two-hand operation. Dual side guides are located on both the front and rear tables of the cutter, allowing for exact positioning of even the smallest stock sizes. The manual spindle clamp on the top of this MBM cutter applies even pressure along the entire cutting width, up to 18-7/8 inches. The spindle-guided back gauge has a calibrated crank with a measuring scale, providing you with precise measurements of the back gauge. The narrow separations and plastic gliders ensure that your paper stock will receive no damage and allow for smoother repositioning possibilities.

Make an accurate cut without fail with the digital display measurement read out and LED optical cutting line, which both indicate the exact position of your cut. These features will also help to perfectly position trim marks. Cut up to a height of 3 inches with the German manufactured Solingen steel blades. For your safety, Triumph 4810 D offers “SCS” safety features, a safety cover on the front and rear table, a safety key to lock the blade, and disk brake function to immediately stop the knife.

Triumph 4810 D