Manual Paper Cutters

Martin Yale 7000E

Commercial quality, tabletop cutter priced to fit the photo, business, educational and small print markets. The 7000e is standard equipment in thousands ofapplications throughout the world. Load a stack of paper into the 7000e. Close the positive clamp, release the safety latch, and with one easy pull of the handle, the cut is made. Ideal for business cards, padding sets, and other multiple-sheet uses. The resharpenable blade changes in minutes.

  • Cutting Length: 12"
  • Thickness Capacity: 1 1/2"
  • Overall Size: 19" x 19" x 13 1/8"
  • Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

Martin Yale 7000E

Triumph 4305 Paper Cutter

This Triumph 4305 paper cutter is a manually operated cutter, equipped with German made Solingen steel blades and polyurethane cutting sticks, both of which are easily changeable or adjusted without having to remove any of the machine covers. Adjusting blade depth is also unproblematic, as alterations can be made from outside the cutter. Cutting is efficient with the Triumph 4305, with its lever-activated, fast-action clamp to secure the paper, and large cut lever that takes 1-1/2 inches of paper with minimal effort when making any type of cut. The spindle-guided back gauge has a calibrated hand crank and measuring scale allowing the user to reposition the gauge with ease. With its compact size to be used as a tabletop cutter or with the optional stand, the Triumph 4305 is a light-weight paper cutter, about 141 lbs, able to be moved and accessed with ease.

The Triumph 4305 comes guaranteed with “SCS” (Safety Cutting System) safety features. This Ideal paper cutter is outfitted with two safety covers: a transparent shield located on the front table, which automatically locks before you even begin cutting, and another transparent cover on the rear table. Another vital security feature for the Ideal cutter is the safety notch located on the clamp lever, which locks the blade in the upright position. This Triumph paper cutter, with its quality steel components, ensures safety and reliability every time you make a precise cut.

Triumph 4305

Triumph 4705 Paper Cutter

The Triumph 4705 requires little effort to operate, yet the results are always paramount. The spindle-guided back gauge has a calibrated and easily adjustable hand crank with a measuring scale, located on the front of the cutter, which provides the user with the exact position of the back gauge. With this scale, the user can determine whether the gauge needs to be repositioned and adjusted. This Ideal paper cutter has the spindle clamping system to apply even pressure along the entire cutting width of the paper stock. An accurate and decisive cut is executed always with the easy to use large hand cut lever. The paper cutter is equipped with German designed Solingen steel cutting blades, polyurethane cutting sticks, a steel blade carrier, and adjustable blade guides.

This paper cutter offers “SCS” safety features, including a transparent cover on the front and rear tables of the cutting, which automatically lock before making any cut. The Triumph 4705 also comes with a safety catch, located on the cut lever, which locks the knife in the upright position, to ensure user safety. Adjusting the blades and cutting sticks is trouble-free, as both are easily accessible without removing any machine covers. On many other cutting machines, changing the blade can often times be a hazardous process. With the blade changing device which covers the edge of the cutting knife, safety is always guaranteed.

Ideal’s manual paper cutter is the perfect solution for cutting stacks of paper up to 3 inches in height and 18-3/4 width. The all metal constructed Triumph 4705 paper cutter is compact in size, and able to be operated on a tabletop or on the optional cutter stand.

Triumph 4705