Cut Sheet Cutters

Duplo V-590 Cut-Sheet Cutter

The V-590 Sheet Cutter is uniquely designed to handle cut sheet generated from a digital printer. The V-590 automatically feeds the forms and can cut/slit/perforate in the desired position. With increased +/- cutting accuracy, faster processing speed, and other top notch enhancements, the quality-engineered feeding and cutting system delivers precise and razor sharp edges on every finished piece, making it ideal for checks, coupons, notices, tickets, and more.


  • Processes up to 2,640 sheets per hour
  • User-friendly control panel
  • 100 memory selections
  • Pre-programmed for cutting six popular paper sizes
  • Optional slitters, perforators, stand, and belt conveyor stacker

Duplo V-590

Formax FD 572 Cut-Sheet Cutter

The FD 572 Cut-Sheet Cutter is designed to process up to 50 cut sheet forms per minute, from nonimpact or laser printers. The FD 572 will automatically feed the forms and cut, slit, or perforate in the desired position. This machine is ideal for use with checks, coupons, tickets, membership cards, notices and labels.


  • User friendly control panel
  • 6 pre-programmed sizes
  • 100 memory options
  • Top-loading feed system

Formax FD 572